Other Research

Note: Some of these papers do not contain up-to-date information and are included only for potential historical value or interest.

Swensen (1996) Alcohol caused mental disorders in WA with reference to the Indigenous population, 1981-1991

This paper was written in 1996 and involves an analysis of trends in hospitalisation due to alcoholic psychoses in WA over the period 1981 to 1992 by examining the prevalence of this mental disorder in the Indigenous population compared with the non-Indigenous population in WA.

The context of the study was to develop a better understanding of four interrelated issues involved in Indigenous deaths in custody – incarceration in police cells, alcoholism & acute intoxication, alcohol caused disorders of ideation and perception and suicide. 

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Swensen (1995) Drug offender diversion: A review of some of the issues

The paper discusses the establishment of formal diversion schemes for drug dependent offenders & canvasses a number of advantages of these schemes, including minimisation of the stigma and ostracism associated with conviction. 

The paper also outlines a number of reservations about diversion schemes, including they may be experimental in nature, been setup for non-therapeutic purposes or to access Commonwealth funded health services. 

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Swensen (1994) Aboriginal law in action. A brief report on a field trip to Aboriginal sacred sites in Perth, September 1994

This paper (with photos) describes a one-day guided tour of sites of significance in the Perth metropolitan area in September 1994. 

‘Many of the sites had only survived because of very determined efforts by small numbers of activists and concerned scientists who had helped to build flimsy dikes around tiny fragments of the former diverse cultural matrix that had existed throughout the metro area before British ‘settlement’ in 1829. Over time, up to the present day, these remnants had been continually overwhelmed by ‘progress’.’

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Peter Somerford and Ian Smith (1990)
Trends, consequences and patterns of illicit drug cases heard in courts in Western Australia, 1977 – 1985 

Paper presented at Second national drug indicators conference, Canberra, ACT, Australian Institute of Criminology, 1990.

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Swensen (1989) To regulate or not: Politicians, prostitution & the police

This paper was written in September 1989 and considers the implications of WA’s containment policy which had developed by the police over a number of years to regulate prostitution in WA, by maintaining a system of preferred operators. 

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Swensen (1985) The state & the alcohol industry in Western Australia

This paper was originally published in the March-April 1985 issue of Social Work News, the newsletter of the WA Branch of the Australian Association of Social Workers.

It canvassed some of the implications from the release in 1984 of the reports from two official inquiries in WA, with particular reference to the Royal Commission Appointed to Inquire into the Liquor Laws, which was chaired by Judge Syme of the Licensing Court. 

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Swensen G. (1983) Criminal convictions & psychosocial variables of 765 drug abusers who sought treatment at William Street Clinic, January 1979 – December 1982, Perth, Western Australia. 
Paper presented at 53rd ANZAAS (Australian New Zealand Association for Advancement of Science) Congress, Perth, WA, 16-20 May 1983. 

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