Environmental Advocacy

The management of radiation hazards from the mining of mineral sands in Western Australia (1996)

This paper was written in 1996 & considers the approach followed in Western Australia (WA) for dealing with the environmental hazards of ionising radiation associated with the mining & processing of titaniferous minerals contained in mineral sands deposits. 

The paper refers to growing public awareness of the risks posed by one of these minerals, monazite, which emits low levels of radiation as it contains thorium & uranium, which has resulted in greater public scrutiny of practices adopted by the mineral sands industry to address the occupational & public health risks that arise from mining and processing. 

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Management of old growth forests in accordance with national objectives in WA (1996)

This paper was written in 1996 as a case study of the recent history in WA in regard to the development of mechanisms to adequately recognise and protect conservation values that are inherent in old growth forests. 

The paper includes discussion of some of the mechanisms utilised in the US to manage these precious resources, which in WA, as they have been severely exploited, now exist as remnants.

The paper also refers to the increasingly important role played by the Commonweatlh as a pacesetter for a set of national environmental standards, often after protracted negotiation and on occasions resolved only after unsuccessful constitutional challenge. 

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Non-compliance with the provisions for environmental protection in the Marri Woodchip Project Environmental Impact Statement (1979) 

A survey was conducted in April 1979 by myself and a number of members of the South West Forest Defence Foundation (SWFDF) of logging in a number of coupes. The findings of this project was published by South West Forest Defence Foundation in May 1979. 

Includes photos of clear felling.

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